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We know you have options of where to store your freight, and we would love for you to give us a call. Our number one service is Customer Service. We have focused our warehouse business on your needs and wants. From our on-line reporting and real time inventory to the number value added services we offer. NewRoads Distribution is the Right Choice for you.

Storage options:

We store dry freight by the pallet, by the cube, or by the carton. We also have dedicated floor space secured for those larger items. Most of our storage area is racked allowing us to maximize our capacity, thus bringing the cost of storing materials down.

Dry Food Storage:

Our warehouse management system has the ability to control FIFO tracking and handling. NewRoads associates are properly trained in handling and storage of dry food goods. We regularly conduct inspections and audits of our warehouse policies, including our housekeeping schedule, pest management, even the temperature and humidity are recorded and monitored multiple times a day.


NewRoads Distribution takes pride in providing accurate, dependable, and efficient material handling, sorting, order picking as well as providing world wide shipping of your products. You will have the ability to view all of your inventory, inbound shipments, and outbound shipments online right from this website (secured customer login required). When it comes to distribution you can count on our team.

Order Fulfillment & E-Commerce Solutions:

We will receive your merchandise, inspect for any apparent damage, unpack multi-SKU cartons and store. Upon orders we will pack your products and prepare for shipping, Once these orders are released we will arrange the shipment via the carrier of your choice. Your inventory, shipments, and tracking information is all available "real time" on our secure website for your viewing. If you are just starting out or a seasoned web product selling veteran, NewRoads Distribution can help.

NewRoads Distribution

Your new third party logistics provider...

We specialize in being an integrated operation for your company's success. Our warehousing and transportation services can be scaled and customized to your needs based on market conditions and demand. The demands and delivery service requirements for your products and materials should be left to the professionals. Often, your needs will go beyond logistics and may need to include value-added services for your products. You have come to the right place, consider NewRoads Distribution as your 3pl partner.

Distribution and Fulfillment Services


In order to minimize handling cost and reduce storage, NewRoads offers the option to unload your merchandise and immediately reload it for distribution.


Our team has the ability to utilize various technologies to satisfy customer orders. We also can work with our clients to consolidate multiple shipments to a single destination, ship specific quantities to multiple destinations, or separate your items and ship them to multiple destinations.


We have the ability to process small to large quantities of products, often truck or container loads and disassembling them, picking the relevant product for each destination and re-packaging with shipping label affixed and invoice included.


Our cloud-based inventory control system helps you track inventory operations inside and outside of our multiple warehouse locations. Have your data right at your fingertips from receiving stock, current inventory, to order fulfillment our state of the art warehouse management system can help. We offer web based accounts into our online portal so you are able to get a quick snapshot of your materials.


Our Pricing

We have designed our pricing model to give us the competitive advantage against our competition. We offer an incedible package - fantastic storage capabilities, talented staff, one call logistics partner. Give us a call so we can discuss a solution that will fit your needs.